Fraser Island Dingoes

unique and pure

Fraser Island Dingoes are...

Seeing a dingo on Fraser Island (K’gari) is special because visitors can observe them in an environment as near as possible to their natural state.  The dingoes on Fraser Island are wild, and should not be confused with or treated as domestic pets.  They are one of the purest strains of wild dingo in Australia, therefore their conservation is of national significance so that means leaving them free to roam, hunt and live as wild animals, not semi-domesticated pets relying on hand-outs.

Dingoes are a necessary component of Fraser Island’s natural ecosystem and feeding them interrupts this natural balance.  The island provides a varied diet, including fish, crabs, reptiles, echidnas, bush rats, swamp wallabies and bandicoots.   Dingoes also eat insects and berries and roam along the beaches looking for marine life or the occasional dead sea bird, turtle etc.

It is an offence to feed or make food available to a dingo or intentionally attract or disturb a dingo anywhere on Fraser Island, whether on public or private land.  Penalities apply.


Be dingo-safe…..

  • Never feed dingoes.
  • Keep kids close (within arm’s reach) – dingoes move quickly.
  • Photograph from afar – stay in the car.