About Us

Steve & Lisa, locals on Fraser Island

Meet the locals...

Welcome to Fraser Island Property Sales, Management and Accommodation

The only Real Estate situated on pristine World Heritage Fraser Island where life is different,  …relax on island time,  live by the currents,  plan by the tides, and follow the sun.

Whether you would like to holiday or own your own piece of paradise Steve and Lisa would like to share “K’Gari” with you.

We offer holiday rentals in Eurong or Eurong Second Valley.  With only a short stroll from your door is the picturesque stretch of the golden 75 mile beach fringed with whispering sheeoaks,  breathtakingly endless ocean and Eurong’s shop, bakery, restaurant and bar.

Living on the island Steven and Lisa are in a unique position to offer friendly advice, or pass on our local knowledge about….

Beach and track conditions

Weather and tide times, and recommended beach travel times

Local “must see” spots to visit or rarely seen places

4WD information – lessons, hints, safety instructions, if you are a first timer or ‘not quite sure’, vehicle suitability

Fishing – where, when and how

Bait – we also sell beach worms – live and frozen

Bushwalking – The Great Walk and other walking tracks

Dingoes & Wildlife – safety and information

Palm trees,  ocean breeze, salty air, sun kissed hair, that endless summer, take me there…….


This is Fraser Island where you can...

 soak up the sun, squish sand between your toes, nap in a hammock, breathe in fresh air, go with the flow, drift, snuggle into warm sand, sway like a coconut palm, float on a balmy breeze,  surrender to the shore,  

let go ~ unwind ~ relax, 

go for a walk, hug a rainforest giant, spot a sea turtle, wow at a stingray, dream with a dingo, go on an adventure, 4WD adventuring, watch  a Whale, lay by the lakes, walk “The Great Walk”, meet Princess K’Gari

Live the dream!!